Monthly Member Spotlight!


March 2019

Karen V..jpg

Congratulations Karen VanZandt!

My favorite thing about Milestone Fitness are the trainers. Kara and Jenna have taken the time to know me personally and use their expertise to create challenging and mindful programs for me.

I want people to know that training is for all ages. I’m 65 and am seeing amazing results in my stability, strength, and endurance! Also, I had great results on my bone density imaging! Come on and join us!
— Karen VZ.

February 2019

Beth W..jpg

Congratulations Beth Williamson-Ruse!

I have 101 reasons why I LOVE training at Milestone! One of the things I really appreciate is that it is not a cookie cutter approach.

Milestone says that they don’t want fitness to be our lives, they want it to IMPROVE our lives. And they are remarkable in doing just that!

The other clients are also a huge key to my success. There is a sign at Milestone that says, “We rise by lifting each other,” and I think that is the unofficial mantra. Everyone is supportive, positive, and encouraging. When I look around during my sessions, we are all at such different levels, yet we all work out alongside one another in a spirit of camaraderie.
— Beth W-R.

January 2019

Sue and Scott M..jpg

Congratulations Scott & Sue Millman!

Our favorite thing about training at Milestone Fitness is the personalized training plans for each of us and the one on one attention that goes along with it. We also enjoy our training together.
— Sue and Scott M.

December 2018

Jennifer M..jpg

Congratulations Jen Macaulay!

My favorite thing about training at Milestone is the semi-private atmosphere. I love the individual attention from Jenna, Kara, Sandra and Stacey, but also enjoy the energy that comes with small groups of people. And at Milestone, the staff works so hard at helping people workout at the right level - and helping them see their
own potential.
— Jennifer M.

November 2018


Congratulations Heather Rodriguez!

It’s so empowering to have such a positive atmosphere where everyone is authentic and genuinely invested in your success.
Every day hearing encouragement from Jenna, Kara, Stacy, Sandra, and Dave is so helpful. I love to be challenged and having them ask if I can handle more activates my competitive side and challenges me to be my best.
— Heather R.