Kara's Meal Prep Basics

By Kara Simpson, Trainer and Health Coach at Milestone Fitness

We understand the busyness of life, but meal prepping does not have to mean slaving away in the kitchen for hours on your Sunday afternoon. It also doesn't mean making the same boring meal every day for lunch & dinner (unless that's your thing, then do it!). Doing what works for you is more important. Here are a few tips on how to master your meal prep.

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Here are some of my suggestions

Pick 1-2 of your basic proteins, vegetables and other starch/carb. 

Instead of planning out full recipes, stick with making a few basics from each main macronutrient. Then you can mix and match to make different meals throughout the week without getting bored. 

Protein prep can be: boiling/roasting a few pounds of chicken, cooking lean beef or turkey, hard boiling eggs a dozen eggs.

Veggies can be: chopping them for snacks or dinner, roasting a big batch of root vegetables, steaming some broccoli/cauliflower, chopping salads and portioning them out.

Carbs can be: roasting sweet potatoes, batch cooking rice/quinoa, prepping overnight oats, washing fruit. 

Having these made up separately allows you to be creative with your meals and change the spices up as you want. When most of the food is cooked then you easily can reheat and eat. 

Find the meal you have the HARDEST time eating/planning/making the right choice for. 

Prep for that meal. Ask yourself which meal you have the most trouble with, then take these ACTION steps to get it done-

1. What recipe would you like to make for this meal?

2. When will you give yourself time to prep these meals?

3. What do you need to buy at the store for these meals?

4. Put it in your calendar to prep this meal!

Keep it simple. 

You shouldn't feel like you need to create a variety of lunches or try the fanciest recipes for every dinner. If making a can of tuna or chopping a few veggies to grab is all you can do, consider that a big success! The most important thing is that it's something that you can easily do to help better prepare you for when you need some quick food options. Taking small steps to plan ahead for obstacles will pay off in the long run!

What other meal prep ideas do you have? Please share in comments below!

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