My Favorites at Trader Joe's

By Kara Simpson, Trainer and Health Coach at Milestone Fitness

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My Favorites at Trader Joe's

First up we have some snacks I’ve been into lately. I love these quinoa and black bean tortilla chips to dip into either the island salsa or chunky guacamole. The island salsa has the perfect amount of sweet and spice but also goes great in a crockpot with chicken.

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This lightened up chunky guacamole is made with Greek yogurt and has been around for awhile at TJs. I love to use it as a dip or on my tacos.

For many people, having a healthy option at parties and cookouts can be a challenge. We always recommend making a healthy side dish to contribute to any party. Here are a few new options for your next go-to dish this summer.

If you know me then you know that pulled pork is one of my favorite, easy recipes. I love getting the pork loin from TJ's because it’s priced right and they always have it. Usually I put my favorite brown sugar bbq sauce from TJ's right into the crockpot with this loin but sadly they didn’t have any when I went, so I’ll use another brand. Putting it on a baked sweet potato is my favorite way to eat it and it makes plenty of leftovers.

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Next up we have a few kiddie foods. Snacks, snacks, snacks in the summertime so I like to have some decent options for the kids. I’ll always grab a box of these soft granola bars because they’re so easy for a snack as well as the juice boxes. The yogurt and string cheese are good options to have on hand for my kids as well to give them some healthy fats to *hopefully* hold them over for a few hours. The mini ice cream cones are the perfect sized treat when we’ve had one too many trips to the ice cream stand.

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Being able to throw together an easy salad in the summer to be sure I’m getting a good amount of vegetables is essential to me. I can tell when I haven’t had many veggies because I’ll start to crave them. Having easy options to be able to literally toss into a bowl and eat works great for me. The cruciferous crunch is my favorite here because I love the crunch it gives my salad. I don’t usually but brussle sprouts in my salad but wanted to show that I buy them here too because I’ll eat them 3-5x/week.

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Smoothies are something that I get asked a lot about as well as what protein powders I recommend. I don’t buy these powders at Tjs but wanted to show which ones I use in my smoothies. The collagen peptides are good for many reasons including hair, skin and nail growth due to the loss of collagen we have as we age.

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So far I’ve been happy with the Garden of Life protein powders and this chocolate is my favorite so far. I’ll add a scoop to my smoothies combined with a frozen veggies (cauliflower & spinach) as well as some healthy hemp seeds (protein & omegas) and flax seeds (good at points in your cycle). I like to add either some berries or banana as well as healthy fats in the peanut butter.

A few random things that I buy are shown below. The cauliflower crust is good for what it is (don’t listen to Jenna) especially if you add some nice pasta sauce and cheese (really, cheese helps everything). I cook a lot of my foods in this ghee and it makes my veggies taste SO good!

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I’m always stocking up on these seltzer waters (I’m waiting for Apple flavor to come back) to drink throughout the day to help curb hunger. Having some organic penne with marinara makes for an easy dinner with some turkey meatballs (I just made some using Tjs ground turkey, bread crumbs and spinach, actually). The summer time is when we eat a lot of burgers and I love these turkey burgers because the ingredients are turkey, salt and rosemary with only 10g fat- score. And lastly, I love the frozen veggie selection at TJ's so I’ll usually buy at least 2 bags of a random mix.

These are just a FEW of my favorite things from Trader Joe's to give you an idea for next time you’re wandering around searching for some good finds. Let me know some of your favorites too!  


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