When It's OK to Follow A Nutrition Plan

By Kara Simpson, Health Coach & Trainer at Milestone Fitness

Keto? Low carb? Intermittent Fasting? Whole 30? Vegan? Atkins? There’s no wonder why we have an obesity epidemic with millions of people not knowing what/how to eat with all of these new diets emerging so frequently. People are left unsure of which diet to follow to achieve results and often turn to the “next best thing” when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. Oftentimes, it may be too extreme or plain unrealistic. At Milestone Fitness, we believe in creating healthy habits to develop a realistic weight management lifestyle that works for you. We don’t promote diets that are quick fixes, yet we enjoy helping our clients find ways to lose weight the right way for them. There are “diets” that can help you in achieving weight loss if that is your goal and I want to go over some reasons why it MAY be ok to follow a nutrition plan/diet and why.


You’re New at This

Your normal day involves grabbing a muffin at dunkin donuts with your ice coffee on your way to work. Then you grab a salad at work with chicken because last night you ordered takeout pizza so you’re “trying to be good.” Next thing you know, you’re driving home starving. While you’re waiting for takeout from your favorite restaurant you munch on some goldfish while helping your kids with homework. You overeat at dinner because of how hungry you are and wonder how this cycle keeps happening. Does this sound familiar? We hear about this type of behavior often and it usually comes from a place of uncertainty. You don’t know where to start or HOW to start making a difference in your lifestyle. Following a plan can help you understand how to create a nutrition strategy that works best for you by showing you how to create healthy meals, what nutrients you should be eating, as well as help with cooking or prepping food.

You Need Some Motivation

You’ve been on vacation, summer has been busy with cookouts and parties, or you feel more lethargic than usual. These ebbs and flows happen and sometimes following a plan can help you start to “see the light” again. Having some guidance with food recommendations and recipes can be helpful to take the guess-work out of eating healthy when you have it planned out for you. You know how to cook, you like to eat healthy and just want a kick in the butt to get going again. Starting a plan for a few weeks to inspire you to achieve some healthy habits may be just what you need right now.

You Want to Discover Food Sensitivities

People may deal with chronic skin or digestive issues which can warrant following a specific diet. By removing food groups from your diet and then re-introducing them, you can help discover which foods cause a reaction in your body. Eliminating gluten or dairy are popular triggers which may be helpful, but it’s best to try an elimination diet under supervision or with help from a professional.


How We Can Help

Having a coach to guide you while you start making a change in your nutrition can he helpful to avoid confusion. With so many opinions and recommendations when it comes to nutrition, having a trusted coach who is educated on proper nutrition is worth it. We’ve taken the courses necessary to help you make real, lasting lifestyle changes so you don’t have to question what works. Having a coach also creates accountability and support, which can be a big reason why you find yourself struggling with weight maintenance. Of course, if you have specific diet needs according to your health, then you should see a Registered Dietitian.

If you’re currently looking for some help with your nutrition, we’re running a nutrition program called Drop 2 Sizes that comes with a nutrition journal and guide for 8 weeks. We start September 19th, reach out to Jenna@milestonefitness.us to reserve your spot!

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