Workout Friday 12/15/17

Medium Strength – 4-rounds. (Please Rest 60-Seconds After Each Round.)
1.    Front or Back Squat - 12, 9, 6, 3, 12 Reps. Go 5-10lbs Heavier than Last Friday.


40/20 for 3-Rounds
 (40-seconds of work, with 20-seconds of rest between each exercise. Once done with exercise 1, please move to exercise 2, and so on, until exercise 6. You will do 3 total rounds of exercises 1-6).

1. Flutter Kicks
2. Banded Elevated Push Ups
3. VIPr Side Lunge with Press
4. Skierg
5. Alt Forward Lunge with Hammer Curl
6. Standing Banded Bench Press



60/10 for 1-Rounds (60-seconds of work, 10-seconds of rest per subsequent exercise).
1. 10-Yard Shuttle Run
2. 10-Yard Shuttle Side Shuffle
3. 10-Yard Shuttle Run