Workout Thursday 11/16/17


4 Rounds. Rest 60-90 seconds between rounds.
1. Barbell Bench Press - 5-Reps


Circuit – 40 Seconds On, by 20 Seconds Rest for 3-Rounds. (Rest 1-minute between rounds. Start at exercise 1 and move to subsequent exercises from there until exercise 6. Go through 3x).

1. Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions
2. Eccentric Kettlebell Deadlift (4-seconds down, 1-second up)
3. Sled Bench
4. Side Plank Right
5. Cookband Close Grip Push-ups
6. Side Plank Left



45/10 x 2-rounds. 45 Seconds On, by 10 Seconds Rest for 2-Rounds. Start at Exercise 1 and move to subsequent Exercises from there.

1.  Burpees (have to do them sometimes :)
2. Straight Leg Situp
3. Alternating Knee to Elbow Planks (in plank position, alternate knees to elbows).