Workout Wednesday 5/16/17


Tibata Day – 25/10/25/10 for 4-rounds Per Station (25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest, to exercise 2 within station for 25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest – perform 4 Rounds per station. After 4-rounds at Station 1, rest 60-seconds, and move to Station 2 for 4-rounds, and continue cadence through Station 5).


1. Standing Cable Bench to Situp Med Ball Toss
2. Upside Down Kettlebell Hold Forward Lunge to Skierg
3. Pallof Press Right to Pallof Press Left
4. Side Lunge Left to Side Lunge Right
5. Alternating Push Up Walk Side to Side to Rower



5 Reps Total Per Station – Start at Station 1, complete all reps, and then move to station 2. Try to do all stations under 10-minutes total.

1.  Barbell Bench Press - 4-seconds down, 1-second up
2. Barbell or KB Good Mornings - 4-seconds down, 1-second up
3. Pull Up - 1-second up, 4-seconds down