Workout Saturday 3/31/17


4-Minutes Per Station - Buddy On/Buddy Off - Follow Reps or Times Per Station Per the Below. Alternating with Buddy.

7 Stations by 4-minutes per Station - Start at Station 1.
1.     SA DB Row  - 10/10 (buddy does Irish Jig, i.e., Skaters)
2.    Cable Bench Using Straight Bar - 10 (buddy does Irish Curls, i.e., Hammer)
3.    Rower - 120M (buddy pick potatoes for feast by doing KB DL)
4.    Rainbow Pop Ball Slams - 10 (buddy tries to find pot of gold by running up and back on turf)
5.    Banded Hip Thrusters - 10 (buddy waits for corned beef dinner patiently doing planks)
6.    Banded Face Pulls - 10 (buddy churns cream by doing banded tri pushdowns)
7.     1/2 Kneeling KB Press - 10/10 (buddy plays air fiddle while listening to music)




90 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off for 1-round:
1.    Squat Jax
2.   Push Up Plank with Shoulder Tap