Workout Wednesday 1/3/18

Tibata Day – 25/10/25/10 for 4-rounds Per Station (25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest, to exercise 2 within station for 25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest – perform 4 Rounds per station. After 4-rounds at Station 1, rest 60-seconds, and move to Station 2 for 4-rounds, and continue cadence through Station 5).


1.  TRX Cossack Squat to TRX Row
2. 5 Suitcase Deadlift Jumps (down slow, up fast) 
to 8/8 Alternating Single Arm Kettlebell Press
3. 10 Landmine Row
to 10 Banded Squat Jax
4. Skierg
to 10 Wall Ball
5. Banded Lat Pulldowns
to 8/8 Hammer Curl



60/10 by 1-Round

1.  Skaters

2. Straight Arm and Straight Leg Opposite Hand to Foot
3. Alternating Body Weight Side Lunge