Workout Wednesday 2/7/18

Tibata Day – 25/10/25/10 for 4-rounds Per Station (25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest, to exercise 2 within station for 25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest – perform 4 Rounds per station. After 4-rounds at Station 1, rest 60-seconds, and move to Station 2 for 4-rounds, and continue cadence through Station 5).


1.  Cobra to Seated Versus Row
2. Turkish Get Up Right
to Turkish Get Up Left
3. Landmine Row
to Versus Pec Fly Lunge
4. Big Rainbow Rope Slams
to Lat Pulldown
5. Wall Ball
to Weight Overhead Wall Sit



60/10 by 1-Round

1.  Skaters

2. Straight Arm and Straight Leg Opposite Hand to Foot
3. Alternating Body Weight Side Lunge