Workout Tuesday 10/10/17

8-Rounds of 4/4 (EMOM)
Forward Lunge Walk.

Circuit - within 40 Seconds On, by 20 Seconds Rest for 3-Rounds - Try to go Heavier than last week. (Rest 1-minute between rounds. Start at exercise 1 and move to subsequent exercises from there until exercise 7. Go through 3x).

1.  Iso Banded Row Hold Right Hand with March - Left Hand in sky (holding DB if possible).
2. Iso Banded Row Hold Left Hand with March - Right Hand in sky (holding DB if possible).
3. Rainbow Pop Ball Slams
4. Ab Roller
5. 5+5 Pull Up
6. Straight Leg Kettlebell Deadlift
7. Cookband Squat Jumps
(cookband aroundback/waist while performing squat jump)

No finisher - 7th station added.