Workout Wednesday 8/16/17

Tibata Day – 25/10/25/10 for 4-rounds Per Station (25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest, to exercise 2 within station for 25-seconds of work, then 10-seconds of rest – perform 4 Rounds per station. After 4-rounds at Station 1, rest 60-seconds, and move to Station 2 for 4-rounds, and continue cadence through Station 5).


1.  Palloff Press Right to Palloff Press Left
2. Banded Monster Walks Forwards
 to Reverse Lunge Walk with Weight
3. Single Arm DB Bench Left
to Single Arm DB Bench Right
4. Kettlebell Deadlifts
to Swiss Ball Reverse Extensions (belly on ball, hands on the floor, extend legs backwards).
5. Forward Lunge Right With Right Arm Curl  to Forward Lunge Left with Left Arm Curl (hold dumbbells in both hands, however).



60/10 by 1-Round

1.  45-Degree Skaters Up and Back

2. Close Grip Push Up Plank
3. 45-Degree Skaters Up and Back