Workout Tuesday 2/13/18

4-Rounds of 10 (Go lighter this week - build up over 4-weeks).
Barbell Hip-thrusters (use pads)


Circuit – within 40 Seconds On, by 20 Seconds Rest for 3-Rounds - Try to go Heavier than last week. (Rest 1-minute between rounds. Start at exercise 1 and move to subsequent exercises from there until exercise 6. Go through 3x).

1. Single Arm (Right) Lunge Walk (holding weight in single hand, lunge walking forward)
2. Single Arm (Left) Lunge Walk
3. Quadruped Kickbacks with Band Left (Demonstration)
4. Quadruped Kickbacks with Band Right
5. Versus Arm Pushes on Ball (create own resistance - Demonstration)
6. Big Pull Skierg (Hard down, slow up)



60/10 x 1-rounds. 60 Seconds On, by 10 Seconds Rest for 1-Round. Start at Exercise 1 and move to subsequent Exercises from there.

1.  Your choice
2. Your choice