Workout Tuesday 4/24/18

3-Rounds of 5/5 (Go lighter this week - build up over 4-weeks).
Offset Goblet Squat (1-foot will be on a red-plate - perform both sides)


Circuit – within 40 Seconds On, by 20 Seconds Rest for 3-Rounds - Try to go Heavier than last week. (Rest 1-minute between rounds. Start at exercise 1 and move to subsequent exercises from there until exercise 6. Go through 3x).

1. Single Arm KB Snatch Right
2. Single Arm KB Snatch Left
3. Banded Hip Thrusters
4. Pop Ball Slam
5. Wall Ball
6. DBL Rope Slam



60/10 x 1-rounds. 60 Seconds On, by 10 Seconds Rest for 1-Round. Start at Exercise 1 and move to subsequent Exercises from there.

1.  Your choice
2. Your choice